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We achieved a 409% increase in clicks with Babur's all new responsive email newsletter

"We're so happy with the new Babur email newsletter. It ties in with the website perfectly and has already shown fantastic results."

George Dorgan, Restaurant Consultant

Babur run year-round events to celebrate different cuisine with new dishes and approaches to Indian food. As well as updates from in and outside of the restaurant, news is a regular and key part of it’s day to day.

They had been sending out regular email newsletters to customers, but it was time to rethink the design and how it was built.

Having designed and built a fresh new Babur website earlier in the year, we set upon designing a newsletter that closely echoed the experience of the site and was flexible in it’s use.

We then began the build. Having to cater for all of the potential subscribers meant thorough testing across all email clients from Outlook, Gmail and iOS devices (there are more than you first think!).

Testing is essential to make sure that everyone sees the email just as intended, and we pride ourselves on doing so until it’s right.

Having sent the newsletter to all of Babur’s subscribers, we quickly qualified the need for the responsive design as over 50% of readers did so on a mobile device. The experience of those reading on mobile is now clear and much easier than of an email that simply scales to fit the device width.

After looking at the data, we noticed that the new results, compared to it’s previous incarnation, we very impressive. We had now achieved a 409% increase in click throughs, and 95% increase in users opening the email. It shows that with a little effort, you can always refine and improve anything you do, both on and offline.

The new email newsletter is working perfectly for Babur, and will continue to tie in with all marketing efforts from the restaurant.