Branding & Logo Design

Branding & Logo Design

"We've worked with a lot of companies, large & small, to build their brands. Each project has it's own challenge to solve & it's our job to find the best solution, which we're very good at."

Pete, Creative Director


We rebranded Poolewood to give them a new logo that reflected the company and set them apart from their competitors.

Sarah Rose Gregory

Sarah needed to brand herself in way that was fresh & fun, and that also showed what she does in the logo itself. We created a logo which hints at a smile, but also forms a bowl and spoon. The colours create a vibrant brand, which carries through to her website and other materials.

Smarter Business Live

A logo for a business event with co-locating shows in Manchester. The logo needed to evoke a sense of the shows coming together under one umbrella, which was solved with the overlapping squares. The squares then appear in their own right for each of the separate shows.

Simmons Crêperie

We were asked to revamp an existing logo that was stale and needed an updated look and feel. We simplified and made the crêpe lady element much clearer, especially for small use, as well as creating a hand-rendered type to echo the hand-made nature of the crêpe making process.

Telfer Partners

This recruitment company needed a clean logo to brand their new business.

Nife is life

We worked with this online Italian deli supplier to create a re-brand for their established business to make you smile.

Wild Fig

A bold and bespoke hand-rendered logo to echo the unique offering of the organic concept of the deepest roots in the business.

PTR Music & Media

Using negative space, you may not see it first time, but the piano keys are an integral part of the company’s service.

Create A Cabin

We worked closely with director Sébastien, and wife Clare, to create a logo to encapsulate the concept of what they do, manufacturing modular flexible buildings.

Genius Parts

A simple, yet clever logo was needed here to portray parts and elements working together. The G and P letters then work very well as a smaller/simplified version.

Moonlight Limos

The brief here was to create a minimal logo that would say ‘professional’ as well as ‘fun’. The moon brought a clever element to the logotype to play on the essence of the word ‘moonlight’.

Magical Memories

An events entertainment company specialising in Disney characters needed a fun, child-friendly logo. This solution was quickly developed and works very well.

Like Social

This was our previous incarnation. Friendly and fun, the ‘likey’ icon used negative space to suggest a speech bubble which contained the Like Social text.