Sateda are a domestic abuse charity based in Kent. They provide direct access to support, advocacy and advice for women and children who have experienced or are experiencing domestic abuse.

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The challenge

Sateda approached us with a request for a complete overhaul of their website design. Their main objective was to bolster their brand image and to reorganise and refine the website content, with a focus on the website’s alignment with the identified user groups.

Key goals:

  • Enhance the brand image
  • Reorganise and refine website content
  • Improve the overall user experience, tailored to the identified user groups
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The process

In partnership with the Sateda marketing team, we focused on developing a more streamlined navigation system that is compatible across all devices. Our collaboration extended to crafting various designs aimed at reinforcing the brand’s image. We also conducted numerous tests to determine the optimal placement of menus, ensuring the best user experience.

This collaborative effort was a key part of constructing a new, user-friendly website using WordPress. Our role was pivotal in leading the comprehensive refresh of the site. The website required a thorough overhaul, as the existing site contained numerous content pages that demanded careful evaluation and restructuring.

“Top top top quality, highly recommend! Gary, Pete and Neil have been absolutely fantastic during the whole process of re-designing and developing our charity’s website. They’ve been super responsive, clear, accommodating, thorough and helpful each step of the way.”

Juliette Lyons, Marketing Lead
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What we delivered

HTML/CSS build and WordPress development

We created a responsive and visually engaging HTML/CSS layout. We integrated WordPress to enhance content management, enabling the client to update and add content easily.

Strategic overhaul and content evaluation

Our responsibility extended beyond just building a new site. We led a comprehensive overhaul of the existing website, which involved a detailed evaluation and restructuring of numerous content pages. This was essential to align the website more closely with the evolving needs and values of Sateda and its audience.

Collaborative design and development

Working with the Sateda marketing team, we focused on designing a navigation system that’s simpler and fully functional across various devices. A key aspect of our work involved rigorous testing for optimal menu placement. This was done to ensure an intuitive and seamless user experience, making the website accessible and easy to navigate for all users.

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“We couldn’t have asked for better web designers to work with and we’re so happy with the end result – our website has drastically improved for us to use as a team, for the women and children we support, and for our partners and supporters. We’re very grateful, thank you”

Juliette Lyons, Marketing team


It has been very rewarding to know that our efforts have helped in delivering a website that can make a real difference. We are extremely proud to have supported the organisation in its marketing efforts, aiding Sateda’s mission to address, support and combat domestic abuse.

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