A dynamic multi-faceted design agency approached us with a unique challenge: to amalgamate their brand websites into a single, cohesive platform.

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The challenge

Definition tasked us with a complex challenge: to merge seven distinct brand websites into a single, streamlined platform. This involved unifying content, data, and features from all sites while preserving crucial SEO rankings for each brand.

Key points:

  • Merging seven individual brand websites into one.
  • Unifying content, data, and functionalities.
  • Maintaining key SEO rankings for each brand during the transition.
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The process

Working closely with their in-house design team, we translated conceptual designs into a functional and aesthetically pleasing website layout. The focus was not just on design but also on understanding the unique needs of Definition’s audience and SEO strategy. We provided insights and recommendations via several workshops during the process

The migration phase involved meticulous planning to ensure minimal downtime and a seamless transition for both end users and administrators. This encompassed the careful coordination of agreed technical SEO strategies to maintain online visibility and search engine rankings after the migration. The success of this project hinged on a holistic approach that addressed both design and technical aspects, resulting in a unified and streamlined online presence for Definition.

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“The guys at Highscore have been great to work with over the last few months, and instrumental to hitting our deadlines so that’s really appreciated too”

Tom Pallot, Head of Marketing

What we delivered

A fantastic new WordPress site

We worked closely with the Definition team to translate their in-house design concepts into a functional and aesthetically pleasing website layout.

A Unified Platform

The successful amalgamation of all seven brand websites sites into one cohesive platform, streamlining content, and presenting a unified brand image.

Streamlined user experience

The new amalgamated site not only captured the essence of Definition’s new brand but also resulted in an enhanced and streamlined user experience, facilitating easy navigation for new and existing clients.

Technical SEO support

Our technical SEO collaboration ensured that Definition’s online visibility and search engine rankings were maintained.

Smooth content migration

Through careful planning and execution, we ensured the definition content team could deliver a seamless transition of content and supported the team during this process.


We ensured a smooth transition of content from the individual brand sites to the consolidated platform without compromising user experience or SEO rankings, all within a strict time frame. Our collaborative efforts, from custom development to meticulous content migration, have resulted in a unified online space that not only mirrors Definition’s identity but also enhances the overall digital experience for their audience.

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