A long standing client of ours approached us to redesign their website, with a new focus and brief for the website.

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The Challenge

Babur, known for its commitment to showcasing the diversity of India’s traditional and modern cuisines, has earned rave reviews in guidebooks, and on platforms like Google and TripAdvisor. Babur tasked us with creating a website that reflected this award-winning dinning experience

  • The website needed to highlight Babur’s various events and the extensive range of menus they offer throughout the year.
  • Ensuring the site’s seamless performance across all screen sizes was a key part of the challenge.
  • Additionally, the website needed to be user-friendly and easy to edit by Babur’s staff
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The process

We started by building a fully responsive website from scratch, aiming to deliver an engaging and visually appealing user experience. To enhance content management, we introduced a new and user-friendly WordPress build, replacing the previous.

Our design approach drew inspiration from the restaurant’s decor and artwork to capture the essence of the Babur dining experience. We also supported the client with advice and consultancy on several digital marketing matters, including the integration of third-party booking tools.

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What we delivered

Enhanced User Experience

The modern and responsive design ensures that visitors enjoy an intuitive and engaging experience on the website, making it easier for them to explore and engage with Babur.

Showcasing Events

The website effectively showcases the diverse range of events hosted by Babur, providing a platform for customers to stay informed and participate in these occasions.

Menu Variety

Visitors can easily explore the extensive array of menus offered by Babur throughout the year, enriching their understanding of the culinary offerings.

Optimised Content Management

The transition to a new user-friendly WordPress build has streamlined content management for the Babur team, enabling them to make updates and share regular reports and news with their audience.

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“Highscore really helped push Babur into the modern limelight and truly helped us deliver the quintessential Babur experience online.”

Emdad Rahmen, Restaurant Owner

In summary

Our web development efforts, including a responsive design and a user-friendly WordPress build, resulted in a website that supports Babur in its mission to share the rich and diverse world of Indian culinary traditions with its patrons, just as they have done since its establishment in 1985.

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