Cognitas Global

This experiential learning company approached us to redesign their website in line with their new brand values.

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The challenge

Cognitas Global faced several challenges when undertaking their latest website redesign. It was key that the chosen web design team understood Cognitas Global’s business objectives, software offering, target audience, and the specific challenges they faced.

Key goals

  • To refresh the website in line with the latest responsive technology and technical SEO best practices
  • To clearly distinguish the Cognitas company brand from their software, ‘view360global’ –  and as a trusted learning and development provider
  • The existing Content Management System (CMS) had limitations that hindered effective content management and updates
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The process

In redesigning Cognitas Global, we took several key steps. First, we understood their business goals, audience, and challenges, crucial for tailoring our approach. We audited the content and, with the Cognitas team, developed a strategy that clarified their message and distinguished the brand from their learning software.

We worked on a content architecture that was user-friendly and logical. The design phase involved exploring various styles to reflect Cognitas Global’s modern vision, using detailed wireframes and prototypes for to drive the build.  Additionally, after completion we offered extensive WordPress CMS training

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What we delivered

Our efforts resulted in the following:

Content Architecture and Site Mapping

We designed a user-friendly content structure and a clear sitemap. This helped organise information logically and distinctly separate Cognitas from their learning software.

Design Exploration and Prototyping

Our design phase involved exploring various styles to match Cognitas Global’s modern vision. We created wireframes and prototypes to plan the website’s layout and functionality effectively.

Web Development and WordPress Integration

The development included responsive web design and integrating WordPress for content management, enhancing the site’s usability and ease of management.

Training and Support

We provided comprehensive WordPress CMS training, ensuring the Cognitas team could manage and update their website efficiently.

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“A big thanks to Highscore Web Design who did a fantastic job and I’d recommend them if you need a new website.”

Lawrie Day, Founder & CEO

In summary

Cognitas Global’s commitment to innovative experiential learning is now clearly reflected in its online presence, distinctly separating the company from its software platform.

Delivering responsive web design, WordPress integration, and content optimisation transformed the website into an informative and user-friendly platform, supporting Cognitas’s mission to deliver impactful learning experiences.

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