Love Stone

An e-commerce website for a supplier of bespoke natural stone, including tiles and kitchen worktops.

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The challenge

A leading supplier of bespoke natural stone sought to enhance its market presence and customer experience by launching a new e-commerce platform. Their objective was to create an online store that not only showcased their range of natural stone products but also provided a seamless, user-friendly purchasing process for their discerning clientele. The challenge lay in translating the luxury and uniqueness of their products into a digital space, ensuring that every aspect of the website reflected the brand’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Specific challenges included:

  • A way of ordering material samples, as well as purchase tiles per m2 and also by the pallet amount
  • Representing the natural beauty and texture of bespoke natural stone accurately through digital imagery.
  • Designing an intuitive interface that catered to both architects and homeowners, offering detailed product information and inspiration.
  • Ensuring the website could handle high-resolution images and complex customisation features without compromising speed or functionality.
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The process

We collaborated closely with Simon at Love Stone to outline the project scope and requirements. This phase involved market research to analyse competitors and identify unique selling points, which would differentiate the offering. Detailed user personas were developed to tailor the website’s design and features to specific target customers. Key functionalities were prioritised based on these insights.

With a clear roadmap in place, the e-commerce platform was brought to life through meticulous design and development. We focused on crafting a visually captivating interface that showcased Love Stone’s natural stone collection. The platform was optimised for mobile browsing and touch interactions, ensuring seamless functionality across all devices. A robust backend system was built to manage inventory, orders, and customer accounts securely. Rigorous testing was conducted to ensure optimal performance, followed by successful deployment.

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What we delivered

A fantastic new e-commerce site

We worked closely with the Love Stone team to translate their brief into a functional and aesthetically pleasing website layout.

Streamlined user experience

The new site not only captured the essence of Love Stone’s new brand but also resulted in an enhanced and streamlined user experience, facilitating easy navigation for all clients.

Smooth content population

Through careful planning and execution, we ensured the content was easy to add to the site. Utilising an export of products and materials, a large amount of products could be added in one go.

The result

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